What is Cobaltmetrics?

Cobaltmetrics crawls the web to index citations, identifiers, and hyperlinks, helping you report on all types of content. We track references to dozens of millions of documents, including scientific publications, books, patents, trademarks, clinical trials, financial statements, security vulnerabilities, social media posts, videos, etc. Use any URL as an identifier, and summarize the attention surrounding your content.

Altmetrics for all

Our work on altmetrics stemmed from a simple observation: existing altmetrics providers were not alt- enough.

Cobaltmetrics goes deeper than other altmetrics providers. We mine data in over 180 languages, we unroll shortened URLs from over 175 shorteners, we crack open URLs to extract persistent identifiers, and we convert between more than 50 types of identifiers.

See "Altmetrics for all" on Medium to learn more about where we stand in the altmetrics movement, and Searching on Cobaltmetrics and Cobaltmetrics API to learn more about our search engine and our public API.