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What is Cobaltmetrics?

Cobaltmetrics crawls the web to index hyperlinks and persistent identifiers as first-class citations. We analyze a wide range of websites to reveal insightful links between documents.

Cobaltmetrics goes deeper than backlink databases and altmetrics aggregators to help you report on all types of content: publications, books, clinical trials, patents, software artifacts, derivative works, etc. The web is our corpus, and our URI transmutation API collates citations to all known versions of a document.

Web-Scale Citation Tracking

How Does Cobaltmetrics Compare to Citation Indices?

Coming soon.

How Does Cobaltmetrics Compare to Altmetrics Aggregators?

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How Does Cobaltmetrics Compare to Backlink Databases?

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Getting Started

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To interact with Cobaltmetrics programmatically from your own application, see the API documentation.

To know where we stand in the altmetrics movement, and what we want to push for, check out our latest stories on Medium and the complete list of blog posts, slide decks, and posters written about Cobaltmetrics.