Open Roadmap

Last updated on October 14, 2019

This page shows a curated selection of features we have released and upcoming features on our roadmap. All forward looking items are subject to change.

In the Works

  • Coming in Q4 2019:
    • Ingest citation data from Common Crawl, at least crawls produced in the last year;
    • Ingest DOI-to-URL mappings from Crossref's Works API;
    • Document advanced search features, viz. filters and secondary URI schemes;
    • Remove all third-party trackers and the Do Not Track feature;
    • Embed the terms and conditions, the privacy policy, and the cookie policy generated with Iubenda;
    • Add a public pricing page, and set up a payment gateway for subscriptions;
  • Coming in Q1 2020
    • Generate digests for all Crossref members to summarize the citations that they miss by not using Cobaltmetrics and URI transmutation;
  • Coming in Q1 or Q2 2020:


Coming soon.