Altmetrics for all

Use any URL as an identifier, and summarize the attention surrounding your content.

What is Cobaltmetrics?

Cobaltmetrics crawls the web to index citations, identifiers, and hyperlinks, helping you report on all types of content. We track references to of documents, including scientific publications, books, patents, trademarks, clinical trials, financial statements, security vulnerabilities, social media posts, videos, etc.

Cobaltmetrics goes deeper than other altmetrics providers. We mine data in over 180 languages, we unroll shortened URLs from over 175 shorteners, we crack open URLs to extract persistent identifiers, and we convert between types of identifiers, helping you generate an instant summary of the attention around your content.

Login or register to get started, or see our sources and statistics to learn more about the data that we track.

URI Transmutation!

Cobaltmetrics normalizes and converts types of URIs and persistent identifiers. Try it out!

All identifiers in Cobaltmetrics are stored as URIs, so every search term should consist of a scheme, a colon, and a value. For example, to search for RFC 3986, enter rfc:3986. All URLs are URIs, so you can also enter any URL into the search bar, and our search engine will do its best to extract identifiers from it. For each term in the search bar, we will display all identifiers known to be equivalent to the input.

Cobaltmetrics API

Our API delivers clean, structured, and stable data, which you can integrate quickly and easily into a wide variety of software applications, including monitoring services and business intelligence solutions.

Our API allows you to extract normalized, machine-readable citation data from our databases. It also allows you to tap into the power of our URI transmutation engine on your own data. Login or register to dig into our data, or see the API documentation.

Bulk access to unfiltered data feeds is also available. Contact us for details.

Cobalt Papers

Do you want to know where Cobaltmetrics stands in the altmetrics movement, and what we want to push for?

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